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Message to Clients


Since my husband has retired, I now consider myself to be semi-retired. I will continue to work part-time, but will be closing the office more frequently to spend time and travel with my husband and to help my mother. My current tentative plans are to fully retire sometime around the end of 2019.  If I can somehow arrange it, I would love to keep working on a very limited basis after that doing touch ups on established clients.  I do not know at this time if that will be possible.   I will fully stop taking new clients approximately 6 to 9 months in advance of my full retirement date. As of right now, I accept new clients for daytime appointments only, but on a very limited basis.  I usually have to place any new clients on a waiting list, and then will call when an opening comes up.  The wait time can be anywhere from one month to several months, depending on the time of year.

Best wishes—
Carol Anwar